Dundee Marine provides underwater inspection, maintenance, construction and technical support services to customers in Central and Eastern Ontario.  Our services are designed to suit the highly specialized needs of our customers.  Please contact us at any time so that we can discuss your organization's specific requirements. 613-539-5337

Inspection Services

Highly qualified inspectors assess current site conditions and assist in accurately projecting long-term maintenance needs. Our thorough approach ensures that the inspection process provides our customers with the detailed analysis necessary to make critical planning decisions. Dundee inspectors are trained and certified in accordance with relevant industry codes and standards.

Maintenance Services

Preventative maintenance and on-site repair services are designed to reduce costs and maintain production efficiency. Our teams work closely with the customer to ensure maintenance programs are consistent with existing technical specifications and operating requirements.

Construction Services

Dundee offers expertise in large rehabilitation and construction projects. We also provide diving support to our customers as a compliment to other contractors they might be working with.

Technical Support Services

We can help develop safe, effective solutions geared to your project specific requirements.  Our team can assist with project specifications, material selection, and procedure development.

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